Adobe Creative Cloud License Management and Optimization

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) license management and optimization module from Certero gives you instant visibility of the information you need so that you can make informed decisions on your subscriptions.


In large organizations it can be hard to manage subscriptions and ensure they are only assigned to active users. When a user leaves the organization it’s very common for subscriptions to remain allocated to them for an extended period of time; this leads to the unnecessary purchase of new subscriptions. Without visibility of both whom has subscriptions assigned and their Active Directory information, it’s a time consuming task to identify inactive users and thus it is typically only completed every couple of months.


Certero’s Adobe Creative Cloud module  provides you with single pane of glass visibility of all Adobe CC subscriptions, which is automatically linked to your existing Active Directory information to provide you with a clear and concise view of which subscriptions are allocated to which users. 

Instead of this being a manual process of reconciliation that is out date the moment the data is exported; the process is automated through Certero. With its ability to connect to both Adobe CC and Active Directory, you have the ability to collect the required information and dynamically link the data in one place. 

Track Expenditure

Identification of subscribed users

Optimize subscriptions to ensure they are only assigned to active users 


Certero’s Adobe CC subscription management module gives you instant visibility of the information you need so that you can make informed decisions and optimize your Adobe CC subscriptions. 


Eliminate overspending on unused or improperly assigned subscriptions 


Exception reports to quickly identify any areas for optimization 


Collaboration with Active Directory to have visibility into the users username, department, title and location 


User based reporting to see all of the subscriptions assigned to the individual 

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