The Increasing Importance of a One Stop Shop for SAM

by 28 Jun 2017

Everyone seems to be in common agreement that implementation of an effective SAM (software asset management) solution requires a combination of technology – in the form of a suitable tool – and process, in the form of services or support delivered by suitably skilled people.


But finding a single tool set vendor or solution provider capable of delivering all the benefits of SAM across your entire estate – along with the flexibility to match any changes in your circumstances or requirements – is a major challenge.

So what are the main issues?


Tool set vendors lack the services

You may be confident you’ve selected the right technology to meet your requirements. But what about service and support? Does your chosen tool vendor offer a comprehensive in-house capability? Can they help you implement a SAM program effectively and efficiently, ensuring you derive maximum benefit and ultimately become fully self-sufficient?


Solution providers lack the technology

You may have selected an excellent SAM solution provider, able to offer all the services you need, but are they using the right technology or approach? They are probably dependent on highly-specialized manual processes or use tools based on legacy technology. This may be fine while you have the partner in place, but how will you ever become self-sufficient without the latest technology, offering the highest levels of automation, minimizing the need for manual intervention?


Flexible deployment is vital

Your chosen SAM solution has to be quick and easy to implement, with the necessary flexibility to fit with your particular requirements and align with any existing infrastructure strategy.


Your options are limited if you’re looking to become self-sufficient

So what options do you have if you’re looking to become self-sufficient or reduce your reliance on costly services and yet still realize all the benefits of an advanced SAM program? How do you go about developing the internal processes necessary to fully utilize a highly-automated SAM tool? In short, your options are limited.


There is a better way: a one-stop-shop

But why should this be the case? Wouldn’t it be better if you could work with a single partner able to offer a one-stop-shop SAM solution underpinned by world-class technology, services and people? Well now you can.

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