New version of Certero for Oracle launched

Certero for Oracle

We recently launched a new and improved version of our Certero for Oracle product designed to facilitate easier management of your different Oracle license types.

Oracle have hundreds of different products on many different platforms but broadly split them into two categories – technology products and applications. Due to the complex nature of the Oracle licensing policy it is very easy to unwittingly find yourself non-compliant and liable for additional license costs as well as potential fines. This is where Certero for Oracle comes into its own.

Covers Oracle Databases, Middleware and E-Business Suite

Certero for Oracle is a modular license management solution for organizations that want complete visibility and control of all Oracle instances on their estate. It is one of the few products that covers license management across the Oracle software spectrum.



E-Business Suite

It can seamlessly integrate with other products on the Certero Management Platform, or can be used alongside an existing third-party product as a stand-alone tool. With Certero for Oracle all of the complex licensing rules, entitlements and options are automatically reconciled, quickly establishing a safe and trusted Effective License Position (ELP) and providing complete and accurate visibility should Oracle LMS request an audit.

Find all instances of Oracle software

Certero for Oracle offers strong discovery and inventory to ensure that you can find all instances of Oracle usage across your estate and provide the necessary evidence at the time of an audit. This covers:

  • Strong multi-source capability for discovering potential Oracle installations
  • Unique and non-intrusive in-depth inventory of discovered instances
  • Wealth of product inventory information available

Certero for Oracle automatically reports and visualizes when an Oracle server is added to a cluster. This gives the organization the ability to manage changes and mitigate risk against un-budgeted costs to the business. The system offers extensive platform support, such as for: Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows and HP-UX etc.

With detailed reporting and alerts through our integrated Acquaintia reporting platform, we believe Certero for Oracle represents the best solution for managing your different Oracle license types.

The feedback we have had from customers and partners on the new solution has been very positive with one major UK-based retailer having already implemented the solution.

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