Certero Offers Enterprise App Store Solution for Only 50p per User

Certero has announced new pricing of 50p per user per month for Certero App-Centre, an enterprise self-service portal for application deployment.

Certero App-Centre enables users to efficiently browse, request and receive the software they need in minutes. The self-service portal has been designed for organizations looking to automate the application deployment process, helping to reduce IT support costs whilst simultaneously increasing responsiveness and the availability of services to users 24/7.

The new pricing is set at just 50 pence per user per month.

As the amount of role-critical applications end-users require continues to grow, John Lunt Certero’s CEO, offered an insight into some of the key challenges. ‘Today’s generation expects the same instant access to apps in work as they enjoy from a personal-use perspective; yet many organizations are being hindered through the use of inefficient and costly processes which result in unnecessary delays, reduced productivity and disenchanted staff. In addition, these legacy processes often don’t integrate with other key systems such as those for ITSM (IT service management), ITAM (IT asset management) and SAM (software asset management), resulting in missed opportunities for achieving joined-up service desk support, asset management, or licensing compliance and optimization.’

Certero App-Centre empowers users to easily access the applications they need, whilst also helping organizations maintain compliance and optimize licensing by controlling and standardizing software deployed across the enterprise. It fully integrates with third-party systems such as Microsoft SCCM and of course Certero’s own industry-leading SAM solutions.

John Lunt goes on to explain the rationale behind the pricing: ‘Certero App-Centre in effect provides the glue between ITAM, SAM and ITSM, helping organizations improve service or support, enhancing end-user experience, whilst fully controlling risk and cost. It all adds up to a highly compelling, attractive proposition and – with a price-point of just 50p per user – we’re opening up the opportunity for organizations of all shapes and sizes to experience for themselves the many benefits on offer.’

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