Green Energy Solutions Inc and Certero sign strategic partnership

Green Energy Solutions Inc., an energy-efficiency solutions company with expertise in multiple areas – from IT environments to refrigeration and air conditioning systems – has become the first company in Panama to sign a partnership agreement to provide customers with Certero’s award winning PC power management solution, PowerStudio.

Green Energy Solutions will utilize PowerStudio to deliver a complete PC power management solution, helping customers save thousands of dollars on electricity, as well as satisfying the most demanding environmental initiatives.

“Having knowledge and control of IT assets is a vital part of any PC-based energy-saving strategy. Our collaboration agreement with Certero gives us incredible opportunities to provide a comprehensive service in the government and private sector for the management of energy savings in the workstation environment, “said Rogelio M. Morrell, General Manager at Green Energy Solutions Inc.

“We are delighted to have signed this agreement with one of the leading organizations driving energy efficiency initiatives in Panama,” said Certero CEO, John Lunt.

“We live in challenging times across the globe, both economically and environmentally. With PowerStudio organizations can significantly reduce electricity consumption and carbon footprint, achieving a return on investment in as little as 4 months.”

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