Econocom and Certero sign stragetic partnership for Iberia

Econocom Group, a key player in the European market for digital services for businesses, has become the first company in Spain, to sign a partnership agreement with Certero, specialists in software asset management (SAM) solutions, to provide a joint solution to customers in SAP and IBM licensing management.

Econocom’s ITSM team will utilize Certero’s technology designed specifically for IBM and SAP environments. Enabling them to help companies discover, inventory, monitor and manage their software licenses, reducing costs, optimizing the use of licenses and reducing the risk of non-compliance.

“Having the knowledge and control of IT assets is a vital part of any strategy for ITSM. By partnering with Certero, it gives us incredible opportunities to offer a global service to handle the complex issues around SAP and IBM licensing, amongst others, “said Mario Romero Largacha, Director of Business Unit ITSM Econocom Group.

Through this collaboration and outsourcing of “SAM as a Service”, Group Econocom can configure and update licensing schemes of different contracts and suppliers automatically as inventorying installed, used and purchased software, allowing for the proper management of lifecycle assets.

We are delighted to have signed this agreement with one of the leading integrators of the SAM market and an organization renowned in the world of ITSM projects. With software vendors increasing their audit activity, making sure you are compliant with your licensing agreement will prevent unexpected expenditure and avoid costly fines. What’s more many organizations are either not using all the software they buy or using the wrong type of licenses. The Certero IBM and SAP Applications SAM solutions can help alleviate this and enable organizations to optimize their licensing spend.

John Lunt

CEO, Certero

Want to know more about becoming a Certero partner? The Certero’s global partner program has been designed with the SAM specialist in mind. Whether you work for a system integrator, licensing solution provider, or a dedicated SAM consultancy, the partner program will enhance your existing capability and offerings, thereby improving the experience for your customers and in turn, drive new business. If you would like discuss how you can work with Certero visit our partner page 

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