Latest Customer Survey Results

"With's just a better experience"


100% Overall Satisfaction

“With Certero…it’s just a better experience”. The results testify the great level of attention Certero pays to its customer requirements.

Consistent results throughout the years of 100% satisfaction, confirms that we continually implement customer feedback in the development of our solutions to drive real customer value.


100% Overall Quality of Products

Certero are delighted to hear that our customers are feeling the delivery of Certero’s aims on providing superior quality solutions (compared to 73% for the competition*). With  the repeated high-level results in quality of products, Certero continue to thrive year-on-year in providing the market with compelling and unique solutions.


100% Staff Technical Competency

Certero prides itself on world class customer support – and our customers  think so too! From solution advice and guidance through to implementation support and maintenance, we have maintained the 100% rating we achieved last year. This compares favorably with our competition who only achieved 80% worldwide*.

By making our organization easy to do business with and focusing on our customer’s needs, we will continue to build on already strong credentials to continue to deliver outstanding service.

* Source Microsoft CSAT survey