IT Hardware Asset Management Software from Certero Helps Save Enterprises from Microsoft’s ‘New WannaCry’ Security Threat

17 May 2019

IT hardware asset management software from Certero enables organizations to quickly identify and update devices exposed to Microsoft’s latest “wormable” remote code execution flaw, which closely resembles the security vulnerability that allowed WannaCry to rapidly spread across the planet 2017.

IT hardware asset management software is critical to effective software asset management, and absolutely necessary for the governance and security of IT estates. With patching and distribution capabilities, Certero for Enterprise ITAM enables organizations to quickly identify security vulnerabilities, acquire appropriate patches and distribute them across their network.


What is the threat?

The latest vulnerability, which Microsoft has rated as critical, could allow hackers to install programs, and view, change, or delete data without the knowledge of users. It requires no user interaction to work, which means users don’t have to click on anything for their devices to become infected – or to spread the infection.

Due to the severity of the threat, which effects Windows versions XP to 7 and Windows Server versions 2003 to 2008 R2, Microsoft has developed and launched wide spread security updates for all users, even for unsupported operating systems like XP and Windows 2003. Now IT and security teams are scrambling to identify what IT hardware assets they have, and which ones are at risk.


How do I fix it?

“Cerero’s IT hardware asset management software, Certero for Enterprise ITAM, very quickly provides visibility of patches and update levels across the IT estate, right down to the KB file name. With the industry’s most advanced levels of automation, we remove all the manual processes, guess work and human error from ITAM processes, so IT and security teams can rapidly identify what devices have the latest Microsoft updates and which ones remain at risk,” explained David Graham, Principal Consultant at Certero.

A Senior Research Engineer at Tenable, Satnam Narang, warned administrators need to apply patches immediately to counteract the threat, saying: “It is critically important for organizations and system administrators to apply patches as soon as possible to reduce their risk of compromise.”

Through Certero’s IT hardware asset management software, organizations can quickly secure their IT estates. The solution provides full patching and distribution capabilities that enable IT and security teams to quickly download the latest updates from Microsoft and distribute them out to their vulnerable assets.

John Lunt, CEO at Certero, advises: “If you are concerned about Microsoft’s latest security vulnerability, and need a solution to provide complete visibility of your IT hardware assets, we can provide Certero for Enterprise ITAM as a SaaS application – with full functionality and zero compromise. What this means is you can deploy our solution in a matter of minutes, then secure your vulnerable IT assets by using our application to download, distribute and install the latest Microsoft updates.”

For more information and to improve your IT governance and security, contact the team at Certero today.

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