New tools for New Challenges: The ITAM Dark Age is Over

CIO’s and technology leaders all know that tough times call for tough answers. Traditional cost-cutting can be brutal and so with the right foresight and strong decision making, Optimization is always favorable. But just as there’s opportunity in every crisis, there’s also very real limitations on resources, as CIO’s contending with heavily-scrutinized budgets know all too well.

Weathering the Perfect Storm

As business globally has been massively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the burden on IT has been at least 3-fold; keeping the business functioning in new ways – accommodating rapid Digital Transformation demands – managing increased complexity as SaaS & Cloud adoption accelerates through the roof.

Now as we move forward in 2021, CIO’s need to manage all of that change with decreased budgets and staff, yet increased threats around Cybersecurity and software vendor audits that threaten to derail everything.

It’s a fight that feels like one hand is tied behind your back, when still dealing with the lack of clarity from the same old ITAM toolsets that just don’t deliver a holistic view, especially dark with big-risk datacenter environments, SaaS & Cloud.

How can you find balance and the resources to be ready for whatever’s next, and deliver on reduced costs?

Optimizing the total IT ecosystem & securing good decision making

The answer is getting more out of technology investments – increasing ROI and value from IT’s many assets, particularly in an increasingly complex hybrid environment. Over-spending, losing control and receiving unexpectedly high bills for the cloud is simply not acceptable.

Driving automation and the Digital Transformation of IT itself, will enable far greater agility to be able to react to business demands and will lock-in highly informed, good decision making.

Risk-reduction is a natural consequence of being informed, as is getting back to a position of proactive control as automation is able to remove many of the old labor-intensive ‘bottle-necks’ that slow you down.

For this to happen, it’s essential to modernize the ITAM solutions that are your eyes & ears to the IT ecosystem; instead of multiple toolsets, data silos and manual processes, upgrade to an ideal ‘single pane of glass’ platform that provides the answers you need like:

ITAM has already evolved… probably further than you think

Unifying HAM, SAM, Datacenter, MDM, SaaS & Cloud onto a single platform solution is not a new concept – IT leaders have been wishing for a comprehensive single solution for many years.

It’s interesting to hear the rhetoric from the SAM vendor community now around reimagining ‘ONE’ solution being the new answer – it’s a philosophy and solution that Certero not only recognized but actually already brought to market… back in 2016.

So, with Certero innovation again being at least 5 years ahead of this curve, it’s important to recognize what a unified technology intelligence platform truly is…

The opportunity for real change is with Certero

The ‘reimagining’ an ITAM solution for tomorrow’s needs is quite frankly, the easy part. The creating that solution, is much harder. It takes a great commitment to innovation, yet this is precisely what Certero have done.

Certero’s unified platform is not just a portal or new UI over the top of all the old legacy ITAM tools.  Instead, it’s 100% developed from scratch by Certero. This means real change – every solution is genuinely new and created to simply work holistically together as one unified ‘single platform’ with a broad scope, covering: HAM, SAM, SaaS, Cloud, Mobile, Datacenter IBM, Oracle, SAP, Self-Service Password Reset, AppStore and more. An ideal ‘single source of the truth’ that can easily integrate with your Service Management CMDB.

This fundamental architecture ensures that the back-end also performs as you would want from a single platform: one consolidated, enriched data source for total IT asset management reporting. Providing powerful insight, real-time BI for good Decision making and automation. Certero performs.

This ‘Architectural Advantage’ is how everything is just easier with Certero; with the fastest implementations, greater scope & flexibility to choose options, class-leading support and adaptive roadmap; all as reported by the market’s happiest customers on Gartner’s Peer Insights. Certero have been awarded Gartner’s ‘Customers Choice’ distinction 3 years in a row.

Those who know Certero, know. And for those who don’t, we apologize; our Customer-First approach means we’ve invested more in providing great support than in marketing. But now that you know…

Get Informed: It’s Time to Think [AND DO] IT Differently

Certero can help you kickstart the changes that will make the greatest differences to how you manage and optimize IT. So speak to Certero today to find out what Certero can do for you.

More information and example user cases can be found at www.certero.com  LinkedIn: Follow #Certero

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