The Impact of Software Migrations on SAM

22 Jan 2016

How can software migrations impact SAM?


When a software migration is planned, considerable time is spent on the technical aspects but usually the licensing, risk and software commercial aspects get little or no attention. In fact many forget companies fail to consider the implication of a software migration on software asset management (SAM) and licensing.

This is an important oversight which could trigger financial implications that could easily outweigh the anticipated benefits of the migration if not properly understood and assessed. This may include software migrations such as:

  • Migrating from on-prem to a cloud / SaaS
  • Migrating from one product metric to another
  • Move from one vendor product to another (for example Oracle to DB2)


Software Migrations & Baseline Assessment


So, how do you go about avoiding this pitfall? The first step is to define the business goals and drivers. This is a simple step to ensure you understand why the business has decided to move from where they are, to a new licensing model.

Following on from this a current baseline assessment can be carried out, which comprises of a number of steps that typically includes:

  • Baseline Review for the vendors and products in scope. This in itself will usually provide detailed information regarding the current position.
  • All contractual and commercial information to help provide an accurate as-is picture and to allow cost implications to be considered.

The outcome of this stage will be one or more Effective License Position’s (ELP’s) for the vendors and products in scope. It will also provide clarity of all the other aspects in relation to these vendors and products.


Future License Model Assessment


The next step is the Future license model assessment. This involves the process of mapping all existing vendors and their products to their respective ‘to-be’ position. This may, for example, mean that for products, features or benefits:

  • Some will map on a one-to-one basis
  • Some will no longer be available
  • New products, features or benefits will become available

The costs for these need to be understood as far as possible to help develop the ROI picture and will enable the production of a Benefits statement creation. This is a report normally consisting of an executive summary that will summarise the relevant ELP’s and in respect to the migration will detail such things as:

  • Benefits
  • Licensing risks
  • New or removed features and what that could mean to the business
  • New or removed products and potential for exploitation
  • Expected ROI over 3 to 5 years

At this point you should be in a position to fully understand the licensing, risk and software commercial aspects of your migration.


Limiting the Impact of Software Migrations on SAM


If you need help with this Certero has the people, processes and technology to deliver, including a specific service offering to assist with software license migrations.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and find out how Certero can limit the impact of software migrations on SAM.

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