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3 Aug 2020

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Steve Willlmore, CMO

Following on from the recent Gartner Magic Quadrant Report on SAM Tool’s 2020, we were left baffled by the section on Certero. Not only was it factually incorrect in many places, but it left me wondering what impact this could have on many of the organizations who use this report to find a new SAM partner (see our official response here)

However to help, I thought it would be good to go through the actual detail of the report and highlight where Gartner got it wrong, but also where they were right (spoiler alert, it wasn’t many!).

So, to help, I have created a fact vs fiction that hopefully helps clarify the real truth about Certero:


1. What Gartner said about CerteroCertero provides a platform for both hardware asset management (HAM) and SAM 

Certero says: Yes, this is correct. It’s a true, unified platform that offers a single source of normalized data, straight out of the box. Meaning our customers can interrogate their most valuable assets and manage all their hardware, software assets, that reside on-premise or in their private/public cloud. All with full functionality that can be delivered as SaaS, on-premises or as a hybrid solution. (Find out more here)


2. What Gartner said about Certero Headquartered in Warrington, UK 

Certero says: Certero’s UK business has an office in Warrington, UK. Its America business has an office in Chicago and its business in Australia has an office in Sydney. (See our locations here)


3. What Gartner said about CerteroCertero operates largely within Europe, specializing in IT asset management (ITAM) and SAM tool and Services 

Certero says: Certero has more customers in Malaysia than it does in Europe. Certero has more customers in North America than it does in Europe. Certero has more customers in Australia and New Zealand than it does in Europe. 


4. What Gartner said about CerteroCertero Asset Studio for Enterprise SAM is complimented by additional modules, which include App-Centre, its self-service portal, as well as four modules for Oracle, IBM, SAP and cloud for enhanced optimization capabilities. 

Certero says: Certero have the following Products:

1. Certero for Enterprise ITAM product has four optional modules that cover Inventory, Monitoring, Distribution and Patching 

2. Certero for Enterprise SAM product has four optional modules that cover Generic Licensing, Microsoft, Adobe, AccessCtrl 

3. Certero for Oracle product has two optional modules, one that covers Database, Middleware and the other module covers E-Business Suite 

4. Certero for IBM product does not have any modules 

5. Certero for SAP Applications product does not have any modules 

6. Certero App-Centre product is a self-service apps portal/store for desktops with no modules 

7. Certero for Mobile product covers MDM, MAM with no modules 

8. Certero for Cloud has twelve optional modules that cover AWS, AZURE, O365, Salesforce, Adobe CC, G-Suite, Okta, Wrike, Box, Zoom, Tableau, Dropbox, Slack  

9. Certero Passworks product is a self-service password reset solution for Window/Macs with no modules 

10. Certero PowerStudio product is a PC Power Management solution for desktops with no modules 


5. What Gartner said about CerteroCertero declined to participate in the research process for this Magic Quadrant; it identified no reference customers and chose not to provide supplementary information.  

Certero says: Yes, this is correct. Gartner also informed Certero that it would not be included in the Magic Quadrant.  Certero was included in the Magic Quadrant? 


6. What Gartner said about CerteroGartner’s analysis of Certero in this Magic Quadrant is therefore based on other credible sources, including previous vendor briefings, customer inquiries, Gartner Peer Insights reviews and other publicly available information. 

Certero says: Gartner have consistently been unable to move past their internal perceptions, thus why their analysis, understanding or representation of Certero is so mis-leading. It is the sole reason why Certero refuses to participate. This Magic Quadrant is just another example of how inaccurate the analysis is regarding Certero. A quick review of the website could have corrected many of the inaccuracies in Gartner analysis. 


7. What Gartner said about CerteroGartner Peer Insights indicate that the Certero support team is very responsive and well-versed in SAM, which has led to a high level of customer satisfaction 

Certero says: Yes, this is correct. That’s why In 2019 Certero was the highest rated SAM tools vendor, awarded the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction for Software Asset Management tools. A recognition we are very proud of because it was driven by our customers, the people who matter most to us. (Read the success stories)



8. What Gartner said about CerteroCertero offers a suite of products that extends beyond software asset management, and may be appealing to organizations that wish to manage hardware, software and cloud assets on a single platform 

Certero says: Certero have two products that are not related to IT Asset Management, they are Certero Passworks and Certero PowerStudio. The other eight products are related to IT Asset Management with scope covering from Mobile to Mainframe to Cloud. 


9. What Gartner said about CerteroRecently established partnerships with large channel partners within North America have improved its availability within the region. 

Certero says: Certero’s does have partners, one global partner of Certero is the largest in the USA and globally. Availability remains unchanged in all three sub-hemispheres we operate in. 



10.  What Gartner said about CerteroCertero lacks brand awareness due to limited marketing and sales functions, which inhibits its ability to capitalize on new market opportunities. 

Certero says: Certero does lack brand awareness due to a period of low Sales & Marketing activity regarding IT Asset Management from 2013 – 2017 whilst it developed its new technology stack and current product set for IT Asset Management.  


11.  What Gartner said about Certero: Certero primarily operates within Europe, and more specifically within the UK. Organizations operating internationally or in other regions should consider other solutions due to lack of geographic support. 

Certero says: Certero has more customers in Malaysia than it does in Europe. Certero has more customers in North America than it does in Europe. Certero has more customers in Australia and New Zealand than it does in Europe. 

Certero’s customers range in size from 1,000 devices to 250,000+ devices. 

Certero have businesses in UK, USA and Australia covering the three sub-hemispheres with world class resources in all three. This allows Certero to support its global customers locally and globally with a ‘follow the sun’ support capability.  

12.  What Gartner said about CerteroCertero commonly markets and sells its offering as a combination of tools and services, which may be unappealing for organizations seeking only a SAM tool.  

Certero says: Certero Products do not have a dependency on Certero Services.  If organizations just want a Product, then Certero’s Products are the best, most advanced and capable available.  If organizations need any expertise to help them, then Certero Services have some of the best Licensing experts in the world as well as Consultants, all well versed in all aspects of IT Asset Management. 

Gartner Peer Insights is a good portrayal and reflection of the results of these investments, backed up by strong growth in all of our businesses. 


For us, accuracy of data (and information) is key for any business looking to make an informed decision for their organization. So rather than rely on an outdated, misinformed report, why not call us to and find out the real truth on how Certero can support your business. Failing that, just take a look at our website, as all the (correct) information is there!


Steve Willmore

CMO, Certero


Read our Response to the Gartner Critical Capabilities report here


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