Fully Flexible Deployment: All Products Are Available in Public or Private Cloud, On-Premise or Any Hybrid Combination

Do not settle for Cloud Ready Tomorrow. In today’s Cloud era, you need a tool vendor that is Cloud Ready Now.

The Challenge

Are you looking for a fully integrated solution which is future-proof and easy to deploy, whether in public or private Cloud, on-premise or Hybrid. If the answer is yes, then you need a solution with Certero’s architectural advantage.

The Cloud era brings a new set of challenges both in terms of managing assets which are running in the Cloud, as well as demanding associated solutions which offer flexible deployments, able to fully integrate with any infrastructure as necessary – be it in public or private Cloud, on-premise or Hybrid – yet sill consistently delivering the same rich functionality.

Deploying Enterprise SAM Tools Can Be A Major Headache

Agent deployment can be notoriously difficult and painfully slow, often with the burden being placed firmly in the hands of the customer. It can turn into a major piece of work, sometimes taking months to complete and often only partially capturing the IT estate.

An on-premise solution will require server provisioning, which of course presents numerous challenges and pain points. Requisition and sourcing of new ‘tin’, gaining authorization for a new VM instance, outsourcer service extension, formal approvals across multiple organisational departments and layers, system and process updates, quality assurance, change controls, resource allocation and so on. It all adds up to a complex, time-consuming and costly exercise. And once in place, there is the ongoing issue of securing support and maintenance and constantly pushing against other priorities. Of course none of this really has anything to do with technology; it is all about business process. All you want to do is just get on with it and by-pass all this nonsense. Enter the Cloud: A solution which deploys in the Cloud should take away all the pain and hassle.

Do Not Believe the Hype of Other Vendors

You will hear some SAM tool vendors saying that they are Cloud-ready. But if you look beyond the ‘smoke and mirrors’ you are likely to find that it only applies to one or two products, or even just a single ‘flagship’ solution. Such solutions are based on legacy technology and simply are not able to adapt to address the new challenges which will inevitably arise as IT and infrastructures continue to evolve.

A good example we have identified is where the license management functionality may work in the Cloud, but the inventory element actually has an on-premise dependency that only feeds a limited amount of data into the Cloud. The problem here is that if you want to see all the inventory data, you will have to access a separate on-premise system, if that is even possible. If you have gone for a true SaaS solution, the data you are looking for simply will not be there. How is this remotely acceptable in today’s Cloud era?

Our advice is look beneath the veneer. Ask the right questions and always request a proof of concept.

The Solution

Certero Is Genuinely Cloud Ready Now

We have chosen to raise the bar to another level by paying particular attention to the architecture needed to allow critical functionality to truly work across public and private Cloud, on-premise and Hybrid.

Certero’s view is that a genuine Cloud solution should work in the Cloud 100%. A solution offering limited functionality is just a veneer and unacceptable. Ultimately that type of solution just results in compromise.

Certero’s architectural advantage genuinely provides an alternative, modern, fit-for-purpose, simple but easy-to-use portfolio of products and solutions which are overall the most comprehensive. You no longer need to put up with inadequate offerings.

And with our Cloud provisioning, your new solution can be deployed in minutes – not weeks or months. This means that with Certero you will be delivering value for your organization faster than you could implement any rival offering.