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Better control and visibility of Citrix environment ensures license compliance

Swinton Insurance is a leading provider of a wide range of consumer and commercial insurance services, from car to home, travel and specialist products such as breakdown cover. With over 50 years experience, the company is a long-established household name throughout the UK and has developed close relationships with customers and insurers, achieving a reputation as a trusted, dependable provider. With 600 local branches and over 4,000 PCs, laptops and servers, the company has a sizeable, dispersed IT infrastructure.

The Challenge

With such a diverse IT environment, Swinton were faced with the complexities of knowing their compliance position. Just as importantly, maintaining this critical information was labour intensive and time consuming and diverted resources from other important activities.

The key challenges the solution had to address were:

  • Large number of locations across the UK
  • Diverse mixture of software and versions
  • Manual software delivery process
  • Large Terminal Services environment
  • Knowing what software assets were needed and being used
  • Maintaining compliance with device-based licensing


The Solution

The fast and easy deployment of Certero for Enterprise SAM has provided Swinton with clear visibility of all hardware and software on their estate, including virtualized and Terminal Services environments and actual software usage. The solution has also helped to establish and maintain control of software license compliance.

Understanding the large Citrix estate and how software is made available and accessed was vital for avoiding license compliance risks, with as many as 70 devices connected to 1 server and the use of software licensed on a per-device basis.

Also, with large numbers of machines across a range of sites, having the ability to identify machines that are capable of receiving upgrades combined with powerful software delivery that can automate software installs and upgrades out of business hours (Wake-on LAN), means that Swinton can manage the network centrally far more easily, respond to support tasks quickly and at less cost.

The Outcome

Certero for Enterprise SAM has delivered the following benefits to Swinton:

  • Simple to use solution that gives a structured and organized view of the entire IT estate
  • Substantial cost avoidance by identifying unused software and releasing licenses for future re-allocation
  • Better control and visibility of Citrix environment, including application usage information
  • Effective and speedy creation of an Effective Licence Position (ELP) and ongoing maintenance
  • With 10,000 Help desk calls per month – Certero for Enterprise SAM helps speed up problem determination and resolution by providing instant asset information and remote fix
  • Comprehensively manages the complexities of virtualized and Terminal Service environments

Certero for Enterprise SAM has allowed us to understand our desktop and terminal services estate fully, both in terms of physical assets and the software and applications residing, and being used within the estate. Swinton Group has approximately 5000 employees in 600 separate locations, so Certero enabling us to achieve this invaluable.”

Steve Baxter

Head of Service Delivery, Swinton Insurance

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