Royal Shakespeare Co.

Improving visibility of both software and hardware within their IT estate using Certero for Enterprise SAM

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) is a British theatre company, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. The company employs over 1000 staff, and delivers around 20 productions a year from its base in Stratford, as well as regular tours across the UK and the rest of the world.

RSC has recently redeveloped its Royal Shakespeare and Swan theatres as part of a £112.8-million “Transformation” project.

As well as the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, the RSC produces new work from living artists and develops creative links with theatre-makers from around the world. Their aim is to inspire a lifelong love of William Shakespeare in young people by running events for everyone to explore and participate in its work.

The Challenge

The Royal Shakespeare Company had, for many years, used a flat file system to inventory its IT assets but this presented a number of issues that they were keen to overcome.

  • Information in the files was constantly out of date
  • The process was not based on any industry standards
  • The process was prone to human error



Our original system was difficult to use and the information it produced was not real-time, and this lead to us always making decisions based on out-of-date information. We also wanted to change our inventory process to one based on ITIL standards. Our service desk wanted a solution that would integrate with their existing ITSM platform. These drivers led us to look for a new IT asset management system.

Jacqui Stanley

Head of IT Services, Royal Shakespeare Company

The Solution

After investigating the various alternatives solutions on the market, RSC decided that the integrated inventory capabilities of the Certero Management Platform, that powers Certero for Enterprise ITAM and Certero for Enterprise SAM, was the best product they found to help them implement their ITAM and SAM solution. They found the product could help them bridge the gap between their outdated inventory management process, and their requirement to implement a standards based IT asset management and Software Licensing Optimization solution.

Certero Professional Services worked hand in hand with the RSC IT team to install and configure Certero for Enterprise ITAM and SAM, and within days the RSC had a detailed hardware and software inventory that provided an up-to-date view of their IT estate.

The Outcome

Now that the system has been running for a few months RSC are still discovering the many benefits of using Certero for Enterprise ITAM and Certero for Enterprise SAM for their IT asset management. They now have a clear and up-to-date view of all their live IT assets, which is the first step on their journey towards implementing the advantages that any business can find from a mature and cohesive ITAM and SAM process.

We now have an absolute picture of all live equipment, in real-time, with 100% reliability. The certainty this provides is invaluable in our understanding of our IT estate and beneficial in terms of forward planning and strategizing. There is so much useful information produced that we have not yet had the time to analyze it all and decide how best to act on it. This is something we are planning for now, as we know it will in all likelihood help us improve efficiencies and reduce costs even further.

Jacqui Stanley

Head of IT Services, Royal Shakespeare Company

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