New South Wales Ambulance

Advanced inventory and automation results in lower TCO for IT asset management

NSW Ambulance is the biggest clinical care and transport services supplier in Australia, providing front line medical care to over 7million people in NSW, distributed across an area of 801,600 square kilometres.

Employing over 5,000 staff, the workforce is made up of 90% front line care and 10% corporate and support staff who assist in the delivery of critical services across the country.

The Challenge

As a provider of front-line emergency care New South Wales (NSW) Ambulance is responsible for a dispersed and complex corporate and emergency network, spanning nearly 1 million kilometres in South Eastern Australia.

Struggling to get control of both the corporate and wireless emergency networks, NSW Ambulance had little information about their hardware and software assets, where they were located and how they were being used.

NSW Ambulance required a modern solution for advanced ITAM and SLO that was quick to deploy and simple-to-use, but after looking at many established solutions, it was proving difficult to find a tool which was not complex, costly and time consuming to deploy and manage.


The Solution

After selecting Certero for Enterprise SAM over a number of other established solutions (due to its built-in intelligence and simple to use interface), the Certero team of SAM experts worked with NSW Ambulance to identify their requirements and develop an approach to best solve their challenges.

The proof-of-concept highlighted the critical use of Oracle Mobile (Lite). Installed on all ambulance Laptops the software needed to regularly report back to a central database. Having multiple domains and a highly mobile workforce NSW Ambulance were struggling to find a solution to meet their requirements. Certero for Enterprise SAM’s advanced discovery and inventory was able to identify assets that had always been missed by other tools – allowing the organization to quickly achieve their goals.

Using Certero for Enterprise SAM, NSW Ambulance now have complete visibility on all hardware and software assets and software licenses with a completely future-proof solution, available out-of-the-box. The modern and simple-to-use interface means that Software Asset Management (SAM) is no longer a drain on resources, but a simple and strategic business process.

The Outcome

Now, with Certero for Enterprise SAM, NSW Ambulance:

  • Can easily manage Oracle Mobile (Lite) – a critical system installed on all mobile devices which must report back to a central system at regular intervals.
  • Have advanced inventory that goes the extra mile to provide detailed and accurate information – critical for SLO
  • Access built-in intelligence allowing high levels of automation to be achieved, removing complexity at every opportunity – resulting in a lower total cost of ownership

Certero for Enterprise SAM quickly gave us a grasp of our complex network that was becoming difficult to maintain…
Certero’s approach to the project was impressive, they carefully listened to our needs and provided a solution out-of-the-box. With Oracle Mobile (Lite) we were struggling to find a vendor who could manage the challenge, but Certero changed that and we had a solution within days.”

Dushan Tatic

N.S.W. Ambulance Service

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