North East London Commissioning Supports Unit

NEL CSU gains control of their mobile devices with Certero for Mobile

North & East London Commissioning Support Unit (NEL CSU) provides expert support and advice to help clinical commissioners and other NHS organizations to deliver improved health services to the local public. The CSU works with over one hundred organizations, including clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), hospital trusts and GP practices across England, representing the healthcare needs of more than ten million people.

The Challenge – Growth & Lack of Visibility

With the number of workers using mobile devices growing, NEL CSU saw the necessity of a solution that would enable the organization to effectively manage these devices across various locations. An analysis of other tools highlighted that many are over complex and resource heavy, which was unappealing to an organization trying to streamline productivity and improve efficiencies.

NEL CSU only required essential functionality, including tracking which devices users have, locating lost devices, remote wipe & lock capability and configuring settings on devices such as Wi-Fi, VPN, email and key security policies. This neatly led them to Certero’s enterprise mobile management (EMM) solution, Certero for Mobile.

Products purchased by NEL CSU

  • Certero for Mobile

“Following a continued period of growth, it has become essential for us to effectively manage the mobile devices our employees use. Certero for Mobile provides us with necessary core functionality, enabling us to easily find and configure devices as well as lock devices or applications when required.

Having already worked with Certero for software asset management, we were attracted to their EMM solution given that it integrates with Certero for Enterprise SAM, providing us with a centralized platform for managing our IT estate. Both solutions in combination will enable us to successfully manage all devices and associated software applications, helping deliver compliance and optimization as we continue to expand.”


The Solution & Approach

With significant growth in the use of iOS and Android devices across their customers’ user base, NEL CSU’s main objective was to have a solution that would enable them to successfully locate, lock and configure devices. To ensure the solution worked as expected, a POC (Proof of Concept) was implemented for Certero for Mobile. NEL CSU were already working with Certero, using Certero for Enterprise SAM, which – when integrated with Certero for Mobile – enabled a unified end-point management solution across desktop, server and mobile devices.

Certero for Mobile provides NEL CSU with a highly cost-effective solution that improves visibility and ensures control is maintained. Compared to other EMM tools, Certero for Mobile is not resource heavy or overly complex, yet features the core functionality required to manage mobile devices effectively and efficiently. Simple administration makes enrollment, configuration, integration, control and application management quick and easy, with minimal impact or disruption for end users.

Key Product Features

  • Fast and easy to deploy
  • Provides a centralized view of mobile devices
  • Easy to use and not resource heavy
  • Easily able to find, lock and configure devices
  • Supports integration with other Certero solutions

Key benefits of the solution

  • One of the most cost-effective EMM products available
  • Covers all major mobile device operating systems, including iOS and Android
  • Able to support the organization’s continued growth

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