Listers Implements Certero for Mobile To Manage It’s Mobile Assets

Listers is the largest private and family owned automotive group in the UK, with an annual turnover over £2.1bn. The group, rated 13 in the Motor Trader Top 200, has been operating for 39 years across 52 dealerships.

The company represents Audi, BMW, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes, Mini, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Toyota, Volvo and Volkswagen cars and commercial vehicles.

The Challenge

Despite having one of the UK’s market-leading MDM solutions, Listers became increasingly aware of its limitations in managing their widely dispersed fleet of over 500 mobile devices across its 52 dealerships. With the business being spread over a broad geographical area, simple tasks such as enrolling devices was proving highly inefficient and costly to the business, requiring an on-site visit by an engineer.

Whilst other features within the legacy MDM solution were cumbersome and unnecessary, other simple features and reports were not obtainable. The organization struggled to clearly see their monthly expenditure on mobile hardware and the value of those assets for insurance purposes.

The incumbent solution was not ‘cost-effective’, with significant initial investment and on-going costs. As they were within their 12 month contract term, the business opted to review all available options in the ever-evolving Enterprise Mobility Management market

Products purchased by Listers

All powered on the Certero Unified Platform


Key Benefits of an MDM Solution

  • Rapid enrolment with QR codes
  • Cost management for budgeting
  • Single pane of glass view of IT estate
  • Simple to use with great support
  • Cost-effective
  • Strong Technical Support
  • Scalable ‘Single Platform’

The Solution & Approach

As an existing user of Certero for Enterprise ITAM, Listers already had Certero’s hyper-scalable platform in place and naturally chose to review Certero for Mobile as part of their vendor research.

Certero for Mobile is Certero’s Enterprise Mobile Management solution, which works on the same single platform as all Certero products. This single platform approach means all of Certero’s products work holistically from a single source of data. By working from one data source, Certero’s platform offers a single pane of glass view of all hardware and software assets within the IT estate, from mobile to mainframe, enabling
Listers to manage and optimize everything from a single interface.

Regardless of the significant benefits offered by Certero’s unique platform, Certero for Mobile had to stand-up in its own right as an Enterprise Mobile Management solution by offering significant operational benefits to the business if they moved away from their incumbent provider. Through a technical demonstration of Certero for Mobile, it was apparent that Certero’s innovative approach had captured the essence of what was important to Listers in managing their mobile devices, providing centralized control, detailed reporting and increased efficiency throughout the mobile asset lifecycle stages.


Listers utilized Certero for Mobile App and QR codes to quickly and easily enrol new users, reducing the time consumed by their old solution by around 90%.

Cost Management

With Certero for Mobile’s cost management features, Listers are able to define specific costing rules for devices using invoice values, which means they can now accurately track IT budgets and spend using KPI charts. Required by the finance department and for insurance purposes, these reports are now automated in a dynamic and up-to-date environment and have replaced Listers’ old spreadsheet processes.

“It is a no brainer at its low cost per device, per month, and provides great value for money. It is quick and easy to implement, and simple to use with excellent support.”

Rob Moore - IT Infrastructure Manager, Listers

Great Business Value – Reducing EMM Costs by 80%

Listers found that Certero for Mobile EMM was more functionally proficient than their incumbent ‘market leading’ solution and saved their business significant time and expense by eliminating manual processes. Certero for Mobile was also priced a lot more competitively than their existing solution. With the use of mobile devices increasing across the business, the cost reductions and efficiency gains offered by Certero’s solution, combined with the a more competitive pricing structure, meant it was better to swap to Certero immediately than wait for the existing 12 month contract to expire.

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