King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Assuring compliance, optimizing licensing and controlling cost with Certero SAM technology & services

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is London’s major Teaching Hospital and also one of the largest and busiest.

The hospital provides specialist services to Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham as well as a internationally recognized work in liver disease and transplantation, neurosciences, haemato-oncology and foetal medicine.

The Challenge

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust had little knowledge of their compliance position or level of risk but knew they quickly needed to improve their understanding of their IT estate.

After a thorough evaluation of solutions available, the Trust chose Certero for Enterprise SAM as the best available product to meet the demands of one of the busiest hospitals in the UK.


The Solution

King’s College NHS were in a position with very little verified evidence of software purchases and quickly took advantage of both Certero’s SAM solution, Certero for Enterprise SAM, and SAM Managed Service to create an accurate licensing position.

Certero for Enterprise SAM was able to quickly gather highly detailed and accurate software and hardware information which, coupled with the licensing functionality, provided an Optimized License Position (OLP). The SAM Managed Service provided the expertise to create software procurement policies and provide on-going reports for maintaining continuous compliance, de-risking the organization from a software vendor audit. The solution offered:

  • A user-friendly management console that quickly establishes software licence visibility.
  • The capability to create and maintain software license compliance and the processes needed to provide this daily.
  • A Software Asset Management (SAM) solution that fitted seamlessly into the Trust’s current infrastructure .
  • The insight to maximize software usage and reduce the over-subscription of software licenses

The Outcome

As a result of the SAM project the Trust were able to:

  • Lower software procurement costs for all core applications
  • Make informed on-going decisions for deploying and uninstalling software to maximize available licenses
  • Ensure Software License Optimization (SLO) through software policy enforcement and usage monitoring

Certero for Enterprise SAM was easy to deploy and gave us an accurate picture of our software estate in a very short time. It opened our eyes to just how easy it is to be non-compliant and we now understand how our estate is licensed. It highlighted the software installation process and helped us to establish methods for on-going control. We have now reduced over subscription of software licenses, and software is now only procured if there is a licensing shortfall. The results have been so effective we have now installed all of Certero’s solutions.

Elvio Morcillo

Software Asset Manager, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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