Gaining control of their disparate IT estate through Certero for Enterprise SAM

InvoCare is an AsiaPacific company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, that owns and operates funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria around Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA. With a global workforce, InvoCare is well known for its commitment to family care, community engagement and investor value.

The Challenge

Having grown rapidly through acquisitions, InvoCare were struggling to keep track of their IT assets and required a solution which could intelligently manage a distributed network spread across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The rapidly growing network meant that it had become a time consuming and resource-draining task to access hardware and software licensing information needed by the business and, once completed, the information was quickly out-of-date.

As an active user of the latest technology to meet its increasing business and customer demands, InvoCare required a solution which would put their SAM program one step ahead of the game and help to future proof their investments for years to come.

A consolidated, current and clear view of assets was required along with the specialist capability to manage all modern licensing models within a single, holistic solution.


The Solution

Consolidating and simplifying the management of their complex network was the key business driver behind the SAM project. Before implementing Certero for Enterprise SAM, InvoCare were using out-dated, complex tools and processes to get information on hardware and software assets which was a laborious and costly task.

InvoCare turned to the latest SAM solution which has advanced ITAM and automated license optimization for multiple software vendors built in as standard. The highly detailed inventory provided all of the information needed and much more to get an accurate picture of the warranty expiry for replacing machines and software upgrade dates across their IT network. Coupled with all of the automation needed to establish and maintain an Effective Licence Position (ELP), InvoCare quickly found all of their requirements united into one, simple to use solution.

Certero for Enterprise SAM provides business intelligence through powerful reports in seconds, giving InvoCare the critical, up-to-date information required to accurately plan and forecast on their IT infrastrhttps://www.certero.com/products/certero-for-enterprise-sam-2/ucture needs.

The Outcome

Certero for Enterprise SAM has provided InvoCare with:

  • A fully future-proofed solution for end to end SAM, built with today’s technology for today’s challenges.
  • Strong governance over IT assets reducing the risk of non-compliance and unbudgeted financial expenses.
  • Ability to accurately plan and forecast hardware and software requirements.
  • The capability to re-harvest unused software and increase license availability, minimizing additional software procurement costs.
  • Reduction in time and improvement in accurate decision making with personalized business Intelligence.

Certero for Enterprise SAM is a great tool that anyone can use, without the need for expert advice and ongoing training in the product or the subject matter. Before we had Certero it was difficult to manage our IT assets and software license entitlements as the information was distributed across business units and often countries. Since using Certero for Enterprise SAM we have regained control and now have an Effective Licence Position (ELP) that we can trust. The ease of use now means that we have the potential to access to all solutions via the Certero Management Platform; so as the business grows and uses more hardware and software in different environments we can feel confident that our assets are being intelligently managed.

Myles Miller

Digital Business Infrastructure Team Leader, InvoCare

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