Eurobodalla Council

Certero for Enterprise SAM gave the Council a single, holistic view of dispersed network assets allowing them accurate decision making

Eurobodalla Shire is located on the south coast of New South Wales, 360 kilometres south of the Sydney and 220 kilometres south-east of Canberra.

Through the delivery of quality services, facilities and supporting economic growth whilst conserving the natural environment Eurobodalla Shire Council aim to improve the lifestyle of the community it serves

The Challenge

With a distributed network covering three major towns within the south coast region of New South Wales, Australia, Eurobodalla Council had problems managing their hardware and software assets. Their existing tool did not give them the confidence in the results that they required.

The dispersed network was becoming problematic and with the increasing risk of a software vendor audit, the Council needed to carefully manage their software assets to ensure they had a clear view of their position with the ability to minimize risk and avoid overspend.

As a result, Eurobodalla Shire Council required a highly intelligent solution which could streamline and simplify their SAM processes including IT asset management and software license optimization.


The Solution

The Council turned to the latest solution for ITAM and software license optimization (SLO) to quickly address their challenges. The advanced inventory of Certero for Enterprise ITAM, combined with Certero for Enterprise SAM, provides all of the information needed and much more to get an accurate picture of the network as well as highly detailed information needed for SLO – such as versions, editions and correct CPU information.

The intelligent SLO functionality provides an Effective Licence Position (ELP) out-of-the-box and applies techniques such as software metering for ongoing optimization. The built-in Business Intelligence reporting capability meant the Council have access to powerful reports in seconds to speed up accurate decision making.

Certero for Enterprise ITAM and SAM also:

  • Was quick and simple to deploy providing centralized control of IT assets from a single interface.
  • Dynamically updates hardware and software inventories simplifying the tracking of warranty expiry, hardware replacement and software upgrades.
  • Provides intelligent software distribution allowing simple deployment with minimal effort.
  • Monitors all software usage from day one, with no need for configuration.

The Outcome


The solution now provides the Council with:

  • A fully future-proofed solution for end-to-end ITAM and SAM – built with today’s technology for today’s challenges.
  • Strong governance over IT assets reducing the risk of non-compliance and unbudgeted financial expenses.
  • Easily viewable software license availability, minimizing software procurement costs.
  • Improved accurate decision making with business Intelligence personalized to stakeholder

“Certero for Enterprise SAM has given us a single, holistic view of our network. In the past it was difficult to manage with dispersed, remote assets but we now feel like we have all of the information we need at our fingertips…
The software license optimization capabilities ensure that we have an accurate understanding of the software that is in use and this helps to improve decision making. I would certainly recommend Certero to any organization looking for an advanced solution for both ITAM and SLO.”

Andrew Jones

PC Support Officer, Eurobodalla Shire Council

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