Building a SAM Function Within your Organization

16 Feb 2016

How can you build a SAM function in your organization? What are the necessary steps?


The ITAM Review recently published an interesting white paper on how to setup a SAM function within a company. Below are the 6 main steps it proscribes:


#1 Assess SAM Maturity

IT professionals attempting to get started with SAM may feel slightly overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of the task. With so many software titles and devices in use across the organization, constant change and vast quantities of data – where should you start?


#2 Develop a Powerful Business Case

SAM delivers compelling business value for any organization; but to build a powerful business case that stakeholders will buy into for many years to come, we recommend that Software Asset Managers build a customized business plan tailored to the unique attributes of their organization.


#3 Select Relevant Tooling

A SAM function is a combination of Process, People and Technology. SAM technology and services are an important element of delivering a valuable SAM practice. SAM technology should help you with some of the heavy lifting associated with maintaining good records: register of assets, users, devices and systems, automating processes where possible and helping Software Asset Managers identify and interpret their assets and entitlements.


#4 Efficiency and Automation through Smarter Processes

Processes are the checks and balances required to maintain a good view of IT assets. Implementing processes allows an organization to mature from the state of running periodic ‘true-ups’ to maintaining an up-to-date record at all times.


#5 Maintain Audit Ready Status

Software audits are a fact of life and also present a massive distraction from key projects and business as usual. However it may not be worthwhile or realistic to monitor compliance at all times. This is equivalent to providing 100% availability of a service that’s only seldom required. Instead, organizations should strive to aim for the status of ‘audit ready’. That is, if a Software Asset Manager receives a request for an audit the SAM team is prepared for it.


#6 Build a Virtual SAM Team

A final consideration when building a world-class modern SAM function is a balanced team. A fundamental part of the business case (stage two) is building resource in the team to deliver against the plan and meet objectives.


Building a Successful SAM Function in your Organization


If you are starting out on your SAM journey and are looking for some pointers, why not download the white paper – Understanding Software Asset Management.

Or, if you have any questions on SAM, Certero is on hand to help. Get in touch today.

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