Certero AssetStudio has evolved!

Certero AssetStudio now delivering value to ITAM, SAM & beyond

Class-leading SAM and ITAM technology

Certero AssetStudio has always been recognized as a class-leading technology solution for SAM and ITAM. Today, AssetStudio has evolved into distinct solutions, all built on a common platform and architecture, to better meet your exact needs:

Certero for Enterprise ITAM

Discovery & Inventory (Hardware & Software)
ITAM Repository
Patching & Distribution
ITSM & CMDB Integration

Certero for Enterprise SAM

Compliance, License Management & Optimization
SaaS subscription management
Dedicated modules for IBM, Oracle, SAP
Access Control & Policy Enforcement

What’s available on the Certero Unified Platform?

The Certero Unified Platform exists to help you address some of your core Technology Governance challenges, particularly meeting your needs for IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management and IT Operations Management. Simply click on a product on the diagram below to learn more about it. 

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