After-sales Support: The Cinderella of the SAM Solution World

2 Apr 2016

Does your SAM vendor provide you the support you need? Do you have access to after-sales support?


Something we are hearing more and more is just how unsatisfied customers are with their current incumbent SAM tool vendor or SAM services provider, the common theme being the level of after-sales support they receive for their SAM solution.

The trouble is that often the sales process can be more about the pitch and the promises, and less about the reality of ownership. We hear that vendors offer to “sell a silver bullet” only for the customer to later find out there is no silver bullet at all!

This is understandable to a degree, as typically those involved with sales are motivated and rewarded by the sale transaction itself, and not about on-going levels of customer satisfaction and customer retention. Such back-to-basic drivers may explain but certainly not justify such behavior and a lack of after-sales support.


After-Sales Support for SAM: Doing the Right Thing

Offering customers after-sales support enables these organizations to gain the most from their relationship with the SAM vendor and further their understanding of the solution. To ensure they are getting the most out of the SAM solution, helping to enhance compliance, licensing and save money, after-sales support is key!

Think about it, your customers’ voices ring loudest in the industry and no one wants to make their customers feel ignored or provide a tool which does not meet their SAM requirements.


Certero & After-Sales Support

From Certero’s point of view, a good level of customer support is something we expect from our suppliers and something we always strive to provide: it’s in our DNA. And, we are securing customers from prestige organizations as a result, who have realized they can get better products and services from Certero. A win-win if you ask us. Our customers tell us: they have extensive research, proof of concepts, engagements, references and more to back-up their decision.

We feel our product is best in class. The icing on the cake for potential customers, is that our after-sales service is a reality and not fiction, exceeding that in the market as a whole. Given all this and the pleasing feedback on our new products – we believe we must be doing the right thing.

So the moral of this story is be wary of sales people baring false or empty promises, or commitments that may well be unfulfilled. And remember: actions speak louder than words! So, get legitimate references on their after-sales support before going ahead.

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