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The Vision: Complete Asset Management for the Enterprise, Now and in the Future

AssetStudio®  Version 5.x realises unique scope for Enterprise Asset Management and a design for the future: A highly scalable and flexible platform to manage simply all hardware & software from the Desktop to the Datacentre (and from May 2015, Mobile as well), within a single, familiar user interface; providing a trusted, single-source of real-time Business Intelligence and control.

By removing the need for disparate toolsets and all of the accompanying challenges of integration, training, support and management overheads, organisations can simply select the functionality required now and in the future and know that it’s designed to work optimally together, without the burden of legacy technology or compromise in quality. Watch the Video to Learn More>


AssetStudio®  has three methods of Delivery; On-Premises, Software as a Service (SaaS) & Managed Service. Certero specialise in directly delivering the full ‘People, Processes & Technology’ for robust SAM & Software Licence Optimisation (SLO) for the enterprise.

Automate SAM Processes and Manage All Vendors In One Solution

With a huge amount of in-built intelligence on vendor-specific licensing rules & Software Recognition powering unprecedented automation, the complexity is removed from the licence management process for vendors like IBM®, SAP®, Oracle®, Microsoft® & Adobe®. Organisations can now unify the management of radically different vendors within a single solution; reporting, maintaining control of compliance and realising cost-reduction across the entire software portfolio.

Software License Optimisation>  Software Recognition>  Licensing>









Reduce Cost in the Datacentre as well as across the Desktop

Understanding usage, identifying wastage and ensuring that the correct licence types are assigned to users with high-value datacentre vendors like SAP®, IBM®  & Oracle® is key to controlling and reducing costs in the data centre. 

IBM®>         SAP®>          Oracle®>                     Software License Optimisation>







Manage Assets Across All Physical & Virtual Environments 

With out-of-the-box support for virtualisation platforms including HP®, VMware®, Windows, Citrix®, Linux®, IBM® and Oracle® VM, the advanced Inventory ensures that nowhere is out of scope and assets can be managed appropriately, with the correct identification of licensing metrics whether physical, virtual, on-premise, SaaS, on the corporate network or even remotely via the Cloud.

IT Asset Management>            Inventory>                 AppsMonitor>





Integrated Reporting, Alerting & Business Intelligence

The inclusion of the Acquaintia® reporting engine empowers users to easily define the information they need and create & share reports in seconds. Users can customise their experience with a personal dashboard & set up alerts to help drive pro-active asset management.




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Available with three methods of Delivery


The solution is hosted within your own Datacentre and controlled by your own IT department.  This can be on a perpetual licence basis or a subscription, with perpetual licensing requiring a higher initial capital investment but delivering a lower total cost over time.

Software as a Service (SaaS) or ‘Cloud’ delivery is hosted for you. 

Traditionally the required inventory of machines is performed by the customer and uploaded to the hosted solution periodically, or alternatively an end-point server on-premise will enable the full enriched, automated, real-time solution equivalent to the on-premise offering as a hybrid. SaaS is available on a subscription basis only.

Managed Service 

This is available on-premises or as a SaaS offering and is entirely managed by Certero. Ideal for organisations that want all of the cost-reduction benefits and negated compliance risks of a fully-fledged SAM program adhering to ISO 19770-1 and industry best-practices, but without any of the management overheads, Certero specialise in directly delivering the full ‘People, Processes & Technology’ for robust SAM & Software Licence Optimisation (SLO) for the enterprise.



Optimise Licensing, Strategize & buy only what you need

Unique ability to automatically measure the usage of all software at all times, be it on-premise, in the cloud, desktop applications or in the Datacentre, means that organisations can identify unused software, gain an understanding of what software the business actually needs and strategize; redistributing assets internally so software is more available and avoiding the costs of buying unnecessary software in the future.

AppsMonitor>          Software License Optimisation>              Licensing>






Enterprise Management for Apple Mac Devices (OS X)

Manage Apple OS X hardware & software alongside Windows & the Datacentre. 

Apple OSX>



A Modular Solution For End to End SAM   

With such a flexible offering, organisations can adopt the best functionality as and when they require it. Whether you need an IT Asset Management (ITAM) tool to populate your CMDB with high quality data, a Software License Optimisation & Entitlement (SLOE) solution to establish an automated Effective License Position (ELP), inside or outside of the Datacentre,  AssetStudio® can help you.

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Enterprise Level Solution

The ability for Global Enterprises to logically ‘zone’ & manage assets in a way that suits their own structure means that the solution is an effective source of accurate information and control of assets at both a local level as well as holistically, and is highly scalable as organisations grow organically and through mergers & acquisitions. Coupled with world-class support, in-house SAM expertise and a broad offering of SAM Managed Services, Certero can truly provide the People, Processes & Technology to assist the SAM journey.




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