A brand-new advanced  SAM, Licence Optimisation & ITAM platform delivering unprecedented automation, flexibility & scope 

For organisations wishing to progress on their SAM journey and drive efficiency within day-to-day hardware asset management & support tasks, AssetStudio® can help to bridge the gap between traditional Discovery and Inventory tools (ITAM) & Enterprise Software License Optimisation & Entitlement (SLOE), by providing either the additional functionality required to transform incumbent inventory tools or provide an end-to-end advanced asset management platform, automating many complex processes.

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Simplify SAM with Intelligent Automation

AssetStudio® Licensing is a solution to manage all vendors and enables an organisations’ license entitlement to be input and reconciled against discovered software to create an Effective Licence Position (ELP).

The Certero Software Recognition Database (SRDB) helps to speed up this process by automatically identifying precisely how all discovered software is licensed and therefore managed, removing the need for manual analysis and ensuring that all discovered software is correctly categorised so that it can be reconciled correctly against the organisation’s licence entitlement.

In addition, the vendor-specific licensing Intelligence packs for Microsoft®, Adobe® & Oracle® help to further automate the complex reconciliation process by providing built-in intelligence on the multitude of upgrade rights, downgrade rights & Software Assurance benefits that can be applied to maximise value of entitlement from volume licence agreements – providing maximum value whilst significantly reducing management overheads.

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Advanced Discovery & Inventory

AssetStudio® advanced (ITAM) provides the 100% accurate hardware & software Discovery & Inventory that underpins the automated SAM tools, providing detailed information required for all modern licensing metrics, support for all virtualised environments & multiple platforms as well as traditional ITAM management tools like software Distribution & Patching, integrated within the platform to enable holistic management.

AssetStudio® is truly multi-platform with support for Windows, Linux, Unix & Mac OS X and provides the option of connecting easily to multiple 3rd party data sources & inventory tools to provide an holistic view & control.

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Measure All Application Usage, All the Time & Reduce Costs from the Desktop to the Datacentre

The ability to easily measure usage & identify unused software is key to reducing & avoiding unnecessary costs. By automatically measuring the usage of all software at all times whether installed on machines or hosted within the cloud, unused assets can be readily identified, ‘re-harvested’ and redistributed internally to users who require it, avoiding the cost of buying & supporting unnecessary software. This also informs organisations as to the correct types of licences that should be assigned to users – essential optimisation with many Datacentre vendors like SAP®, Oracle® & IBM®

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Transform data from any existing ITAM tool

The AssetStudio® Data Connector (ADC) offers out-of-the-box connectors to a number of third-party inventory solutions, including: Microsoft SMS & SCCM, Altiris, LANDesk, FrontRange (Centennial) and more to transform your ITAM data into license management intelligence. Whether you have single or multiple ITAM tools, AssetStudio® can take feeds from one or many to provide a single, holistic view.

Having multiple inventory solutions can make establishing an Effective License Position (ELP) complex and time consuming. The ADC simplifies this to provide a unified Effective Licence Position (ELP), easily viewed in AssetStudio®’s powerful and simple to use interface. 

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100% software recognition can be delivered

By using the manufacturer Stock Keeping Units (SKU), also known as part numbers software is accurately categorised, eliminating user errors. Any unknown software is researched, recognised & dynamically updated in the software recognition database.

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Fully customisable interface

Create any number of detailed, customisable reports in just a few clicks. Personalise information for any number of business users including IT, Procurement, Finance to generate relevant business intelligence which speeds up decision making. 

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One of the few tools that can enforce compliance

AssetStudio®'s advanced capability can enforce access control at the device level as well as user - critical for device based licensing in Citrix and Terminal Services environments.

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Did You Know? Microsoft® software has a device based licensing model requiring all devices with access to specific software titles to be licensed, not the user.


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Support for all Virtualisation Platforms

With out-of-the-box support for virtualisation platforms including HP®, VMware®, Windows, Citrix®, Linux®, IBM® and Oracle® VM, the advanced, 100% accurate Discovery & Inventory ensures that nowhere is out of scope and assets can be managed appropriately, with the correct identification of hardware & licensing metrics whether physical, virtual, on-premise, SaaS, managed via the corporate network or remotely via the Cloud.



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Datacentre SAM

All vendor licensing models provide their own individual challenges and none are more high-value and high-risk than those within the Datacentre, with hugely complex licensing options, licence metrics and bespoke agreements, the processes that organisations must adopt to guard against risk and avoid over-spending are time-consuming and costly to maintain.

This is why the AssetStudio® Platform has dedicated vendor-specific solutions to help organisations to take control, reduce costs and avoid the need for duplicated effort whilst maintaining compliance and optimising licensing with the likes of SAP®, IBM® & Oracle®.

It is a huge challenge managing Datacentre vendors due to the customised nature of volume licensing agreements. With AssetStudio® a means to easily tailor a licensing solution for your organisation can be delivered  It can accommodate the required customised licensing rules & usage rights and apply them to accurate & complete inventory data to gain and maintain a view of licence compliance.

The AssetStudio® Datacentre solutions are designed to do this and they provide everything an organisation would need to easily tailor a licence management tool to their needs, greatly reduce the management overheads, costs & risk of performing a painstaking manual process over & again.

With AssetStudio®, organisations can correctly apply customised licence entitlement rules, accurately identify assets within physical & virtualised environments and the relationships of virtual servers to physical hosts, measure usage & correctly assign licence types, connect easily into 3rd party data sources if required, optimise licence usage, maintain control and adapt readily to change as challenges evolve….all within a manageable, user-centric interface with real-time business intelligence.

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Actively Control Compliance with User & Device-Based Licensing within Citrix / Terminal Services

AssetStudio® AccessCtrl enables organisations to restrict access to software at both a device & user level. This is useful when publishing applications licensed on a per-device basis within virtual environments such as Citrix & Terminal Services, where any device capable of accessing software would require a licence regardless of whether it’s been accessed or how many users actually require access – resulting in unnecessary licence purchases. AccessCtrl prevents this common exposure by enabling access to software to be controlled by device or user, and provides the necessary evidence of control that a vendor would require in an audit situation.

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Quickly establish an Effective License Position (ELP)

Intelligent software that assigns ‘best fit’ of licenses taking all of the vendor rules into account including upgrade/downgrade rights to provide a real-time Effective License Position (ELP) – the first step on the SLO journey.

AssetStudio® includes dedicated Licensing modules for SAP®, IBM®, Oracle®, Microsoft® & Adobe® with all of the vendor rules and intelligence built-in as well as a generic Licensing modules for any vendor. 

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Identify unused software & easily remove it

Take action to remove unused software & re-harvest unused software licenses and your ELP dynamically updates in the simple to use interface.

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Simplifies management of complex networks

AssetStudio® provides a consolidated view of all assets across the network, enabling staff to use just a single interface to manage multiple software vendors, device types and locations.

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Automatic alerts for compliance & optimisation

Whenever an important event occurs, AssetStudio® can alert the stakeholders to ensure you are always informed and taking proactive action. For example, if you are less than 5% compliant or a vendor contract is due to expire, AssetStudio® can automatically send you an alert. 

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