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Whatever your SAM requirements, we have the solution for your organisation

Certero has been busy investing and developing a comprehensive set of products to provide the very best solutions to address the real challenges that have arisen over recent years in the ITAM and SAM disciplines.

Whether it be Advanced ITAM or SLOE, we have the solution you need, which run across the Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

We also now provide specialised vendor solutions for Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle®  IBM® and SAP®no challenge has been too big, and by the way our advanced Inventory module enables us to provide ITAM across Linux & UNIX, as well as Windows & Mac OS X, so whatever the platform, we have it covered.

Even the Mobile platform has been addressed with an Enterprise Mobile Management solution called Vitado®, not to mention an App-Store solution called App-Centre®which has again been designed to run across Windows and Mac OS X.

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We have it covered...

Software Licence Optimisation for Windows & Mac OS X

The AssetStudio® V5.x Platform can help to advance any Software Asset Management (SAM) ‘Maturity Level’ through Advanced solutions for Software Licence Optimisation & Entitlement (SLOE), available across both the Windows & Mac OS X Platforms to provide a holistic & flexible solution for any licence management challenge, resulting in controlled business risks & cost-reduction for the organisation.

Specialist vendor solutions for Microsoft & Adobe provide intelligence & automation of common processes to maintain a real-time ELP, whilst unique control over device & user access to software helps to actively maintain compliance within virtualised environments, such as Citrix & Terminal Services.

Modules that make up SLOE for Windows & Mac OS X:
Licensing > for Microsoft > for Adobe > AccessCtrl >





Advanced Multi-Platform IT Asset Management (ITAM)

The AssetStudio® V5.x Platform provides Advanced ITAM with 100% accurate hardware & software Discovery & Inventory developed to deliver all of the depth & detail required for SAM, plus Software Distribution & Software Usage Metering, all of which are across the Windows, Mac OS X, Linux & Unix platforms.

Modules that make up the ITAM solution for Windows & Mac OS X:

Inventory > / Distribution > / Apps Monitor >





Software Asset Management for Oracle®

Oracle® licensing rules are notoriously complex and the vendor is routinely within the ‘Top 5 Vendors Likely To Audit’, so it makes sense to pro-actively manage Oracle® in order to drive the best possible value and avoid risk. AssetStudio® for Oracle® provides confidence that all Oracle® database footprints within the organisation are known and that the underlying core factors of hardware & physical or virtualised environments are understood, so that a view of compliance can be maintained & risks controlled.

AssetStudio® for Oracle® >


Oracle Database.jpg





Software Licence Optimisation for SAP® Applications

AssetStudio® for SAP® Applications provides an intelligent solution to remove complexity from the management & optimisation processes for SAP® Named User & Package Licence metrics. With an advanced ‘rules builder’ and ‘package engine builder’, the solution has been uniquely designed to follow the logical process that a SAP consultant would take and displays 4 powerful views of your Effective Licence Position (ELP), clearly demonstrating the potential for cost-reducing optimisation with an ‘Actual’, ‘Suggested’ & ‘Optimised’ ELP and a ‘Comparison’ view.

AssetStudio® for SAP® Applications does not use the SAP® ABAP language and therefore is fully compliant with SAP® terms & conditions.

AssetStudio® for SAP® Applications >





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Advanced SAM for IBM®

AssetStudio® for IBM® uses & enhances IBM® data sources ILMT / TADd / IEM SUA that collate inventory information. Importantly, AssetStudio® for IBM provides the capability via an intelligent process to align & assign an organisation’s licence entitlement, reducing the complexity & establishing an Effective Licence Position (ELP).

AssetStudio® for IBM® can also provide an advanced Discovery & Inventory independently of ILMT / TADd / IEM SUA.

This enables organisations to refine & reduce the complex processes around managing IBM® Licensing, especially with regards to establishing an ELP. Critically, it then protects the investments made in establishing the ELP by enabling it to be maintained more easily, providing continuous control.

AssetStudio® for IBM® >







Enterprise App-Store

The new automated App-Centre® self-service portal increases customer satisfaction by empowering users to help themselves quickly to the applications they need from an approved catalogue of software, within an internal ‘app store’ style portal on the Windows & Mac OS X platforms.

This not only helps to maintain productivity & reduce costs by automating the processes behind software request & delivery, but also maintains licence compliance by controlling and standardising software deployed across the organisation.

Online App-Store, App-Centre® >




Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

The holistic view & control of technology assets extends to the iPhone & Android mobile platforms, with the Vitado® solution for Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Mobile Application Management (MAM).

Inventory which users have which devices, whether it’s a corporate device or user’s own device, see and configure devices for users (to access corporate Wi-Fi networks etc.) and manage applications – all within a manageable solution that’s integrated within the unique AssetStudio® V5.x Platform. Enrol devices easily and maintain security with highly efficient agent technology that is unobtrusive to users and does not impact upon device performance.