Enhance ITSM Tool

The AssetStudio® Discovery & Inventory modules can populate a CMDB to enhance any ITSM tool

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Advanced Inventory that goes the extra mile to give you visibility of all assets on the infrastructure

Software License Optimisation & Entitlement (SLOE)

Buy only the software you need & drive up to 30% savings*

Datacentre SAM Solution

Reduce spend on expensive Datacentre software such as Oracle

Multi-Platform, Multi-Vendor Software Asset Management (SAM)

AssetStudio® is a truly flexible solution which is appropriate for global enterprise organisations as well as SME's. The brand-new SAM solution is highly scalable, can work across any platform and for any vendor, whether its agent or agent-less. The intelligent technology can manage all virtualisation platforms including HP, VMware, Windows, Citrix, Linux, IBM & Oracle or cloud-based applications to provide business intelligence that you can use to make critical business decisions. The wealth of features are all complemented by the powerful, simple to use interface which can be fully customised to individual job roles or functions. Whatever your challenge AssetStudio® can help. Watch the Video to Learn More >

Optimisation & Compliance

With the latest release of AssetStudio® Certero continue to push further the boundaries of creating the most powerful, modern solution. AssetStudio® is the latest technology for SAM, no need for point-in-time data feeds from Inventory tools to Licensing tools or to manually invoke a re-calculation of your compliance position. Whether you need an SLOE solution to plug into your inventory tool for a single view of your network or a single, holistic Effective License Position (ELP), AssetStudio® can help you drive efficiencies, reduce licensing costs and minimise compliance risks. Learn More >

Software Metering

Unlike traditional tools Certero's approach to monitoring software is different. By applying practical, clear focus to what is actually needed vs approaches taken in the past by other vendors, we are able to provide a much more comprehensive solution that simplifies the process of monitoring and collecting data on software usage. By monitoring all Wintel applications out-of-the-box and applying intelligence to the aggregation, AssetStudio® AppsMonitor is able to manage monitoring information over a large set of applications, over a large period of time. This enables more accurate, safe business decisions, another example of how Certero challenge the status quo and improve on it. Learn More >

SAM in the Datacentre

With AssetStudio® organisations can now reduce spend on expensive datacentre software with a dedicated licensing module for Oracle. The powerful Discovery and Inventory identifies all current and historical instances, critical information should a vendor request an audit. Learn More about Oracle Optmisation >

Cloud Optimisation

Outside of the Datacentre, AssetStudio® can help you to track SaaS usage & optimise cloud licensing.


Version 5 now includes Cloud-enabled Management; whereby organisations can manage devices on the internet, not connected to the corporate network.

Advanced Inventory

Specifically designed to work with optimisation solutions to provide critical inventory information, such as the correct Versions and Editions. The advanced solution can work across all Inventory platforms including IBM-AIX, HP-UX, Oracle-Solaris and Linux. With such a flexible solution there is no need for a point-in-time feed from an Inventory tool to a Licensing tool and it can even take feeds from any existing Inventory tool, such as SCCM. Learn More about the Advanced Inventory Features >

Business Intelligence Reports

Acquaintia® is a feature rich reporting tool that provides powerful, entirely customisable reports in seconds. The wealth of data enables you to ask any question and the answers are displayed in easy to understand reports. The powerful data grids can be transformed into easy to understand charts, graphs and widgets which summarise the data so that you can quickly identify trends. Learn More about the Business Intelligence >


Whenever an important event occurs, AssetStudio® can alert the stakeholders to ensure you are always informed to enable you to take proactive action. Learn More >


With the choice of adopting a traditional SaaS offering where we host the application and provide you with an agent to deploy to your assets, or our feature-rich SaaS offering which can provide all of the functionality of an on-premise solution with the deployment of an endpoint server in your DMZ, the choice is yours.

World-Class Customer Support

The brand-new solution is complemented by our world-class support & our customers think so too, with 100% satisfaction and 96% recommend reported in our latest survey. Read the results >


The Latest Powerful Software Asset Management (SAM) Solution

Organisations have hundreds of thousands of installed software titles, often with little knowledge about what they are or who is using them. This makes managing licenses and optimisation a lengthy, disruptive, costly & time consuming task, with consequences of increased exposure in the event of a software vendor audit as well as increasing software spend by as much as 30%* (Forrester). With the latest release of AssetStudio® Certero continue to push further the boundaries of creating the most powerful, modern solution that will always drive efficiencies. 

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With AssetStudio® its “Just a Better Experience”

AssetStudio® is a powerful new Software Asset Management (SAM) solution built with today’s technology, today’s methods for today’s challenges. The suite of modules have been designed to work together optimally driving even more automation and efficiencies or separately alongside 3rd party tools, complementing them. With AssetStudio® Certero have been able to see what is not always obvious to others and challenged the status quo. The intelligent software design removes complexity to drive high levels of automation and efficiencies and the result is the latest, powerful solution which provides "Just a Better Experience". 

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A Fresh, Modern SAM Solution

AssetStudio® Version 5 marks a significant milestone for Certero; The plethora of new features are complemented by the fresh and simple to use interface. The latest release means that complex and time consuming SAM Processes are simplified and SAM is no longer restricted to the experts.

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Certero products are all 'verified by Citrix'


A Modular Solution For End to End SAM  

With such a flexible offering, organisations can adopt the best functionality as and when they require it. Whether you need an IT Asset Management (ITAM) tool to populate your CMDB with high quality data, a Software License Optimisation & Entitlement (SLOE) solution to establish an automated Effective License Position (ELP), inside or outside of the Datacentre, AssetStudio® can help you.

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