SAP licensing terms need clarifying

7 Dec 2016 | Datacentre, ITAM, SAM/SLO

We have talked about indirect access in a previous blog post this time we will look at it in the respect of SAP licensing, so it was interesting to read recently Philip Adams, the chairman of the SAP, UK & Ireland User Group, raise it. He used his keynote address at the recent SAP user Group conference to warn of the dangers of indirect access for organizations looking to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) into their business strategy.

The dangers of IoT

Commenting on the way all things are now becoming interconnected through the IoT Adams pointed out that, “SAP systems are becoming increasingly exposed to new and different usage. People within organizations are designing new applications and new business processes without realizing the potential impact that has on their use of SAP and the corresponding impact that might have on their licensing positions. I think we need clarity in this area.”

Indirect access rules from the likes of SAP and Oracle are notoriously vague and whereas this is likely to have caused some problems to date, the potential to fall foul of this will increase many fold in the future, due to the low-cost and proliferation of new IoT devices.

Detect and measure

There are two factors involved with measuring, and therefore preventing, indirect access. The first concerns the ability to detect all the devices on your network, either IoT or more traditional devices. Whereas, the second is about your capability to measure which of these devices are actually making indirect access to your datacentre software.

Fortunately, the AssetStudio SAM suite products can meet both of these requirements. With class-leading IT asset discovery (even down to telling you how much ink is left in a printer cartridge), you can be sure you will discover everything on your IT estate – even IoT devices. While, the comprehensive usage metering will quickly identify which devices are trying to access your license controlled software, enabling you to investigate and act accordingly to ensure you do not become non-compliant.

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