Vitado now supports Windows 10 mobile

Windows 10 Mobile is here and with it Microsoft is driving home their commitment to enabling the mobile enterprise. From the initial launch of Windows 10 Mobile through to the recent mobile device announcement, the Lumia 650, Microsoft continues to aim squarely at the business sector with security and productivity taking centre stage.

Microsoft Lumia 650

We couldn’t be more excited by the direction Microsoft is taking Windows Mobile and with the culmination of the Windows 10 Mobile launch – the general roll-out of Windows 10 Mobile – seemingly just around the corner, we couldn’t imagine a better time to announce our addition of Windows 10 Mobile to the Vitado Enterprise Mobile Management solution.

Full suite of business features
Windows 10 Mobile brings with it a wealth of exciting new features for managing your Windows mobile device estate. Building on the existing bedrock of Windows Phone 8.1 EMM features, Windows 10 Mobile provides the full suite of features businesses have come to expect of an EMM solution, making Windows 10 Mobile a perfect companion to the existing AssetStudio Vitado EMM platform line-up.

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By taking advantage of these new features, AssetStudio Vitado for Windows 10 Mobile enables you to:

Maintain security

From controlling ‘anti-theft mode’ and storage encryption to fine-grained password policy settings, Vitado for Windows 10 Mobile enables you to align your Windows 10 Mobile devices with your company security policy. Should you face the all-too-common scenario of a lost device, Vitado for Windows 10 Mobile can help limit the damage. By allowing you to remotely lock or even wipe a device you can be sure that your intellectual property will remain safe.

Improve connectivity

One of the essential improvements in Windows 10 Mobile is its enhanced VPN support. Vitado takes advantage of these improvements to enable you to define L2TP and PPTP VPN profile configurations. Further connectivity features enabled by Vitado include configuration of Wi-Fi profiles and behaviour as well as roaming restrictions and fine-grained control of device connectivity interfaces such as NFC and Bluetooth.

Control how apps are installed and operate

With Vitado for Windows 10 Mobile you are now able to restrict where apps come from and how they interact with each other. Vitado for Windows 10 Mobile also gives you the ability control how apps store and share data, greatly improving your ability to control confidential business information.

Maintain full inventory of installed apps

Already a possibility on other major mobile platforms, business users have for some time been asking for the ability to inventory the apps installed on Windows mobile devices. With Windows 10 Mobile this has finally become possible and Vitado takes full advantage of this new capability. Enrolled devices can be regularly inventoried for all installed apps and components. This inventory data is made available through the familiar AssetStudio user interface with all of the powerful reporting and planning features that brings included as standard.

Keep track of your devices

Maintain control of your Windows mobile device estate with the geo-fencing features provided by Vitado for Windows 10 Mobile. Use the intuitive AssetStudio map-based user interface to configure any number of geo-fencing sites and set alerts to be triggered when devices move beyond those sites.

Manage user rights

Vitado for Windows 10 Mobile further improves your ability to secure your Windows mobile device estate by allowing you to control potentially risky user actions. Limit the risk and impact of device theft by preventing users from un-enrolling devices from your organization. Vitado for Windows 10 Mobile further helps you to prevent the exposure of sensitive information by giving you control over whether users can copy and paste, perform screen capture or easily switch back-and-forth between apps.

Control device features

Need to prevent users from installing storage cards? Don’t want your users giving away their location? Maybe you need to prevent users from taking photographs or inadvertently disclosing confidential information through pop-up messages. If it poses a risk to your business, chances are Vitado for Windows 10 Mobile will let you prevent it!


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