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12 Feb 2016 | ITAM, SAM/SLO

Managing application usage through its entire lifecycle can be a time-consuming, complex and costly task. Basically, there are three aspects that need to be considered:

  • Deployment – easily and quickly across diverse environments
  • Security – control and protect your corporate apps and their data
  • Software licenses – monitoring, reporting and re-harvesting of expensive licenses

Your users are familiar with app-stores, from iTunes to Google Play, and will be comfortable finding, downloading and using the apps they need. Introducing this level of self-service to your IT function will efficiently allow your users to browse, request and receive the software they need in minutes.

Benefits of utilizing an apps-store to deliver corporate apps

Forrester predicts that app-stores will become the main way for workers to obtain their applications. Implementing an enterprise app-store will:

  • Enable fast and reliable access – to the apps that employees need
  • Increase employee productivity – by giving access in minutes rather than days
  • Tighten data security – with features that block and control apps
  • Reduce IT costs – by automating the app request, delivery and management process
  • Ensure compliance – by giving you control of what is installed and retired

Enterprise app-store fully integrated

AssetStudio App-Centre is an enterprise self-service app-store that is a key component of the Certero platform. Fully integrated with the other AssetStudio products on the platform, it will allow you to easily control and standardize software deployment across complex and diverse enterprise environments.

It will enable you to increase staff productivity while driving down IT costs and ensure license compliance.

Find out more about AssetStudio App-Centre

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