Complexity of licensing is costing Microsoft

14 Mar 2016 | SAM/SLO

A recent study by the Campaign for Clear Licensing on Microsoft licensing concluded that Microsoft is stunting its own growth by making their licensing complex.

Surveying over 100 Microsoft customers worldwide, the study highlighted 4 areas that were key issues for Microsoft customers:

  1. Tracking the use of Microsoft software is difficult (30%)
  2. Licensing is at times unnecessarily complex (27%)
  3. The bundling of products benefits sales objectives over customer requirements (20%)
  4. Not enough information is provided to support transitioning to new license programs and economic models (13%)

Compared to similar research by the Campaign for Clear Licensing into Oracle, SAP and IBM – Microsoft is the most progressive software publisher as it promotes SAM within their partner ecosystem and has lent support to the ISO SAM standard. Feedback from Microsoft customers also suggests less hostile working relationships.

Sadly, this good work seems to be undone as the overwhelming feedback from the research suggests that Microsoft licensing complexity, designed to give customers choice, is actually stunting their own growth and getting in the way of customer innovation.

To read the full report:

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