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A Powerful, New Software Asset Management (SAM) Solution

Organisations have hundreds of thousands of installed software titles, often with little knowledge about what they are or who is using them. This makes managing licenses and optimisation a lengthy, disruptive, costly & time consuming task, with consequences of software vendor audits and increased software spend by as much as 30%* (Forrester). With the latest release of AssetStudio® Certero continue to push further the boundaries of creating the most powerful, modern solution that will always drive efficiencies.


AssetStudio® is a powerful new solution built with today’s technology, today’s methods for today’s challenges. The suite of modules have been designed to work together optimally driving even more automation and efficiencies or separately alongside 3rd party tools, complementing them. The powerful, yet simple to use User Interface means that with AssetStudio® "It's Just a Better Experience".


Please click the boxes above to find out how AssetStudio® can help you wherever you are on your SAM journey.