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Certero Partners with NHS Sustainability Day 2014

20 March 2014

Certero Partners with NHS Sustainability Day 2014

With the recent changes to the Commissioning Support Units (CSU’s) taking place, the newly formed organisations are quickly taking control of their IT estate and maximising supplier relationships to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. This year has seen significant changes, but the challenges remain the same: With approximately 1 million PCs, the NHS has the carbon footprint of a small country, producing 21 million tons of CO2 a year. The challenge to reduce these emissions forms an integral part of the sustainable development which each organisation has a responsibility to take steps to reduce.


Did you know?

    1million PCs switched off for 10 hours each day = £18m saving (Conservative estimate based on 30% PCs left on)

    Based on the average cost for PowerStudio®  this is an ROI in less than 4 months

Certero is proud to announce the partnership with NHS Sustainability Day 2014. The annual event highlights the solutions at the forefront of technology which are allowing NHS organisations to drive sustainability and integrate sustainable practices within their business.

Certero is the leading supplier of PC Power Management solutions to the NHS saving millions of £ and thousands of tonnes of CO2. The partnership provides NHS organisations with the opportunity to take advantage of the solution to dramatically reduce costs and carbon emissions.

In 2013 Certero PowerStudio® was awarded the Building Better Healthcare Award for Carbon Reduction, highlighting the huge reduction in carbon emissions which the product has enabled. Barts Health NHS Trust are using Certero’s award winning PC Power Management solution PowerStudio® to save £10,000 every month and 206 tonnes of CO2 every quarter.


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