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Certero is awarded the Building Better Healthcare Award for Carbon Reduction

21 July 2014

Certero is awarded the Building Better Healthcare Award for Carbon Reduction

Certero is awarded the Building Better Healthcare Award for Carbon Reduction after reducing 892 Tonnes of CO2 per annum from Barts Health NHS Trust with PC Power Management solution PowerStudio®

Certero PowerStudio® and Barts Health NHS trust have been awarded the prestigious 2degrees award for ‘Energy and Carbon Management’. 

Barts Health NHS Trust was keen to reduce the electricity consumption of its 5,500 PCs, spanning 26 locations. Many PCs were left-on but unattended due to being spread across multiple locations, staff working patterns and limited power management policies.

The trust needed to find a simple solution that could be easily deployed to a large estate with multiple locations, had strong reporting features that provided evidence of money and carbon savings in order to reduce the amount of Carbon Credits being purchased and provide evidence under the CRC Scheme; while at the same time to improve the organisation’s green credentials.

PowerStudio® is a specialist software solution that gives you centralised control over power policies and it reports on energy consumption across desktop PC’s. Certero helped the Barts Health NHS trust to understand power usage across their PC estate so that they could establish whether there was a significant saving to be made. The Trust commenced a 30 day proof of concept with Certero, where PowerStudio® was deployed across their systems to monitor power activity.

Within 2 weeks the solution had proven on its ability to deliver, providing strong evidence of PC usage across the estate – and more importantly, the savings to be made.

As a result PowerStudio® was sponsored for a permanent implementation and now the Trust is driving savings of £10,000 a month and around £600,000 potentially over the next five years.

The deployment has also raised awareness of the importance of switching off whilst ensuring consistent savings are delivered. Since implementing the solution and applying policies, the trust is saving 892 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

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