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About Certero


At Certero thinking differently is our mantra. We like to challenge the status quo, see what is not obvious to others and look at things in a new light. This is why our approach uses today’s methods to address today’s challenges with today’s technology, providing today’s solutions. High quality, focused, not commodity solutions, at an affordable price. This is what you can expect from Certero.

What We Do? We are a leading specialist in Software Asset Management (SAM), PC Power Management (PCPM) and Windows Password Reset Solutions, helping enterprises to derive maximum value from their software and hardware assets. Through intelligent software and design Certero removes complexity to drive high levels of automation & efficiencies, complemented and supported by the very best skilled People to provide Services and Customer Support.

How We Do It? By thinking differently we have developed the most usable solutions that provide ‘A Better Experience’; encouraging daily use as the norm and accommodating any organisation’s requirements regardless of scope, size or skills. Certero's approach is highly customer centric and in 2014 our customers recorded 100% satisfaction. See our latest Customer Survey Results

How we can help You with Software Asset Management (SAM): Whatever your current SAM Maturity position Certero has the solution to accommodate any of today's challenges. From Software Asset Management (SAM) and Software Licence Optimisation and Entitlement (SLOE) to advanced IT Asset Management (ITAM).

How we can help You with Software Asset Management (SAM) Services: Certero can provide end to end SAM with our People, Processes & Technology. With Certero our high quality specialist SAM Services can be tailored to your business. We are completely independent of software vendors, unlike IT Resellers and LAR's (LSP's) we do not sell software licenses, truly no conflict of interest with Certero. Our services are focused on providing high value outputs whether that is highly accurate ELP's or valuable SAM & Licensing strategy documents, Certero can help you make the right decisions for your organisation as we do not provide commodity solutions.

How we can help You with PC Power Management (PCPM): Our PC Power Management solution drastically reduces on-going spend on electricity from powering-down PC’s & Laptops.

With an ROI in as little as six months our status as the leading provider of PCPM to the UK National Health Service (NHS) is firmly established, helping save millions of pounds in electricity charges as well as helping reduce millions of tonnes of CO2.

How we can help You with Self-Service Password Reset: We have also developed a Self-Service Password Reset Solution for Windows that can reduce password related calls to the service desk by as much as 30%*, freeing up valuable resources.

Wherever You are, Certero Can Help You: Our customers come from around the globe looking for solutions to reduce their complex IT processes and costs, with deployment spanning 32 countries (and counting!) we have enabled organisations in the public and private sectors to save millions of dollars; whether on software licenses, electricity/ carbon emissions or help desk efficiencies with password reset. 

With Offices in Australia and the UK, Certero can provide a ‘follow the sun’ support service. Sales and Technical staff having been trained to Microsoft MCTS level, more than matching the Microsoft Gold Competency requirements, means the level and quality of the services provided are some of the strongest available.

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