Advanced Multi-Platform, Multi-Vendor, ITAM, SAM & License Optimisation


Reduce costs & Carbon footprint with PC Power Management


Reduce Calls to Service Desk with Self Service Password Reset


Enterprise  Self Service App-Store. Software you need, when you need it


At Certero thinking differently is our mantra.

We like to challenge the status quo, see what is not obvious to others and look at things in a new light.This is why our approach uses innovative methods to address today’s challenges with today’s technology, resulting in solutions free from compromise and the burden of legacy. A focus on high-quality, not commodity solutions, yet at an affordable price, delivered with world-class support. This is what you can expect from Certero.


“Vendor & Supplier of Software Asset Management,  PC Power Management, Password Reset Products & Solutions, Complimented by Tailored Services… just a Better Experience

Certero's Goal 

To be known for superior qualityinnovation, customer service and value, through the products, solutions and services we develop, deliver or enable.








Certero's Mission

Provide the best solutions that work individually, and holistically together, seamlessly and optimally, on a single platform, accumulating in a better experience, which is compelling and unique to Certero.  

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