Software Asset Management

Certero are a vendor and supplier of products and solutions for:


Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software Licence Optimization and Entitlement (SLOE)

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Complimented by tailored services, our mission is to provide the best solutions that work individually and holistically together, seamlessly and optimally on a single platform.

AssetStudio for

Software Asset Management

AssetStudio for

Software Asset Management

AssetStudio for

Software Asset Management

AssetStudio for

Software Asset Management

AssetStudio for
Windows & Mac

Software Asset Management


Enterprise Mobile Management


Self-Service App-Store
for Windows & Mac OS X


Self-Service Password Reset
for Windows & Mac OS X


PC Power Management
Achieve ROI in 4-6 months


Business Intelligence Reporting

Managing your software assets in a modern, homogenous IT environment can be a time-consuming and costly task without the right tool. Many solutions are based on legacy systems and use different feeds and data sources presented through diverse UIs adding to the complexity of the task.

This is where AssetStudio can help. Designed from the ground-up to deliver a comprehensive, scalable and holistic solution to meet today’s complex and evolving software asset management and software license optimization requirements. 


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Comprehensive single platform for the entire IT estate



The AssetStudio platform consists of a number of solutions designed to solve a specific software asset management problem. It covers all the major environments, including:

  • Mobiles & tablets
  • Laptops & desktops
  • Servers
  • Datacentre
  • Cloud

Across all the major vendors:

  • Microsoft Windows & Apple Mac OS
  • IBM
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • UNIX/Linux

These solutions are designed to run individually as well as optimally and holistically together. This reduces the complexity of otherwise integrating and managing disparate products.


Reduced complexity, cost and resources

It is currently estimated that on average, 70% of a software asset manager’s time is spent collating, interpreting and analyzing data from various sources. This leaves only 30% to actually act upon the knowledge, perform software optimization tasks and drive forward the software asset management agenda within the organization.

Now, with a single, holistic source of hardware and software asset information with integrated reporting transforming data into useful knowledge, managers can access the information they require in seconds. 

Developed from a single vision, AssetStudio:

  • Takes feeds from all the major ITAM solutions
  • Gives a single unified data source for all software asset management
  • Delivers a common modern graphical user interface across the entire platform
  • Offers rich integrated reporting and business intelligence to quickly find the information you need